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Who says that volatility is a necessary problem with cryptocurrency when a certain type of crypto have gained the capacity to tame it down? You’ve got it right! New cryptos nowadays are dealing with volatility efficiently, like the gold and silver backed cryptocurrencies you can get from Kinesis. Just read on to know more about this silver and gold backed crypto, and know how it can tame volatility right before you.

this silver and gold backed crypto

All About Gold and Silver Backed Cryptos and How It Solves Volatility

Since cryptocurrencies exploded into huge popularities years ago, volatility is already messing around like hidden traps for investors. Of course, you’ve seen it yourself. Crypto coin value rises and drops in a blink of an eye, making it very risky for many people to invest upon.

Although many investors have gained success in playing with volatility, no one has tamed it down for good. Not until the new type of a groundbreaking cryptocurrency was released in the form of stablecoins.

What are Stablecoins

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that have real-world equivalent like gold, silver or real-life currencies. These cryptos base their value on their real-life counterparts, thus making it far more stable than other cryptos. After all, everyone could tell that the value of such real-life stuff won’t change drastically in an instant.

However, since the world economy has been gaining negative lights these past years, it would be best for you to choose a stablecoins that are not backed by real currencies. If the world economy has certain instabilities, you should go for a crypto that is backed by more stable stuff like gold and silver.

What are Silver and Gold Backed Cryptocurrency

This silver and gold backed crypto is a stablecoins that base its value on real-world gold and silver. In fact, developers of such crypto like the Kinesis have their own gold and silver repositories, and the number of crypto coins they release depends on the amount of precious metal they keep.

In other words, having entirely new crypto backed by gold and silvermeans you own real-life precious metals as well. Some developers could even allow you to claim your precious metals any moment you want. Not only that it could tame volatility right in front of your eyes, but it could also let you have real precious metals too!

Why Choose Gold and Silver Backed Crypto

As mentioned above, stablecoins that are backed by real-world currencies have its own disadvantage, especially when the value of such currency gains negative economic blow. On the other hand, this silver and gold backed crypto could remain steadfast simply because the value of precious metals never goes down.

Although the value of gold and silver rises very slowly, the stability of such an upward trend is a vital point not to miss. Have a new cryptocurrency backed by gold and silver today, keep it for a few years, and it will surely rise in a few years.

Thing is, you have to find a reliable developer and platform where you can put your investment. Thus, check out and see the great deals of gold and silver backed crypto waiting for you.