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Most probably, you have tried cleaning your rugs at home or the office with simple methods, like vacuuming. While this works for mild problems, there are instances that DIY methods will not guarantee total cleanliness. That is why you should consider seeking the help of professionals once in a while. Basically, professional rug cleaners have the skills and proper tools needed to get the job done in the most effective way. Here are signs that tell you it is high time to call in the experts in rug cleaning Perth has:


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1. Water Damage

When you have rugs that are damaged by flood, then you need to take corrective action as soon as possible to restore their condition. With Perth rug cleaning, you will be able to give them back their original look or even address serious issues, such as mould growth. Professionals would even share some advice on how to maintain your rugs after they have done their part.

2. Weird Odour that Won’t Go Away

Noticeable odour is another sign that you should schedule professional cleaning for your rugs. As you can see, accidental spills, frequent traffic, and other mishaps can cause your rugs to develop and produce odour that cannot be removed with simple vacuuming and odour removal products. And, only professional carpet cleaners will be able to remove it using specialised cleaning products.

3. Difficult-to-Remove Stains

After months of use, your rugs will surely get stains that cannot be cleaned by simple home cleaning products. If you notice that your rugs already have this problem, you can make your life easier by letting the experts in rug cleaning Perth has to take care of it for you. It will not take them long to get rid of these stains with proper cleaning solutions.

4. Discolouration

When a rug is placed in an area with high traffic—family room, hallway, stairs—it will easily lose its rich colours. To avoid having a fading rug, you must ensure they are maintained through regular cleaning with the help of qualified professionals. This close attention will help you keep your rugs in great shape for a long time.

5. Too Much Pet Hair

If you have pets at home, it is difficult to keep their hair under control. What’s worse, their hair will find their way into the deepest parts of your rugs. While vacuuming and brushing can help, it will not guarantee that all of the hair is rid of. On the other hand, professional rug cleaning in Perth will include a “deep clean” to ensure that every strand of hair is removed.

6. Increased Occurrence of Allergies

Dirty rugs can be magnet for mites, posing a health risk to people having some types of respiratory allergy. So, if you notice an increased occurrence of such a condition in your home or office, make professional cleaning a regular occurrence from now on.

Without a doubt, it is necessary to observe regular rug cleaning for your home or office. If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, then you are definitely in dire need of professional help. On that note, you should contact the people at for the best rug cleaning Perth has to offer.

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